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Suits Against Sanity (Product Management Edition)

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Suits Against Sanity: The Team Cohesion Edition for Product Managers is a brilliantly witty card game designed to strengthen team bonds while keeping the office laughter rolling. Perfect for product managers and owners, this game ingeniously blends humor with the peculiarities of office life.

Here's what makes "Suits Against Sanity" a must-have for your team:

- Work-Safe Humor: Tailored to elicit chuckles without crossing the line, this game is safe for the professional environment. Expect cards that playfully poke fun at daily standups, never-ending email threads, and the mystery of who keeps leaving dishes in the sink.

- Product Management Shenanigans: With scenarios and challenges specific to product management, players will find themselves in stitches over relatable situations like "the feature request that makes you question reality" or "the most absurd user feedback of the month."

- Team Building with a Twist: It's not just about laughs; this game encourages communication, creativity, and camaraderie. Watch as your team collaborates to come up with the most hilariously fitting responses.

- Easy to Play, Hard to Stop: No complex rules here. If you've played Cards Against Humanity, you'll dive right into Suits Against Sanity. The simplicity means anyone can join in, and the hilarity means no one will want to leave.

- Perfect for Any Office Event: Whether it's a casual Friday, team retreat, or just a lunch break, this game fits seamlessly into any office occasion. It's a fantastic icebreaker for new teams and a fresh way to engage long-standing colleagues.

Bring "Suits Against Sanity: The Team Cohesion Edition for Product Managers" to your next team meeting, and watch the usual office dynamics transform into an uproar of laughter and team spirit. It's not just a game; it's a journey into the lighter side of product management!

This listing is for the digital version of "Suits Against Sanity: The Team Cohesion Edition for Product Managers." Designed to unite teams with humor, this card game is a must-have for product managers and owners, now in a convenient PDF format.

Here's what sets the digital version apart:

  • Instant Accessibility: Download the game immediately after purchase as a PDF file. No waiting for physical delivery, no shipping fees. Just click, download, and start the fun!
  • Print and Play: Enjoy the flexibility to print the cards at your convenience. Cater to the size of your team by printing the exact number of cards you need.
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Our goal is to provide a positive and fun experience for all our customers, and we believe that our refund policy reflects this commitment.

Last updated Jan 4, 2024

You'll get a PDF containing 600 cards in both letter and legal paper sizes

Card Size
2.5in x 3.5in
Number of Cards
600 Cards (500 White, 100 Black)
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Suits Against Sanity (Product Management Edition)

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